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ECU Remapping

We'll remap your car to provide better performance & economy, this will save you money and can also increase performance.

Vehicle Servicing

We offer a wide range of services for you vehicle. We can help with general servicing and repairs as well as other specialist services.

Diesel Engines

We are also able to do DPF removal, EGR removal, carbon cleaning to keep your vehicle running with optimal efficiency.

Welcome to Riverside Garage Stirling

At Riverside Garage our team has quickly established a strong reputation as the experts to go to for the full range of garage services in and around the Stirling area since we opened for business in the spring of 2020.

Motorists appreciate the convenience of knowing we can cater for just about all repair, maintenance and improvements for a range of cars, light vans and motorbikes by drawing on our over 25 years of combined experience in the automotive trade.

Whether you need a couple of new tyres, a full service, or specialist attention such as an ECU remap or full carbon clean we’re the professionals with the friendly and personal touch to talk to.

One garage for all your motoring needs

Riverside Garage was founded to provide motorists and motorbike owners in the Stirling area the benefit and convenience of knowing one garage can meet all their vehicle and motorbike after care needs. We also identified a requirement for professional and knowledgeable engine ECU remapping providers in an area where availability for this increasingly in demand service is scarce.

So if you’re based in and around Stirling, you now don’t require several phone numbers for your various motoring needs when one number - Riverside Garage - covers everything whether you need a new exhaust, an MOT test, body repair, your alloy wheels refurbished and much more.

A wide range of automotive services

We provide the following:

  • ECU engine remapping
  • DYNO
  • Routine servicing for a wide range of car, van and motorbike makes
  • MOT testing
  • DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and AdBlue® solutions
  • EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve solutions
  • Bodywork repairs, spraying and welding services
  • Powder coating 
  • Full valeting services
  • Carbon cleaning
  • 4x4 preparation

For further information about our services and to make a booking call now.

Manufacturers Supported

Get a quote to remap your vehicle.

Whether you're looking for an economy or performance remap, get in touch with us to get a quote to remap your vehicle.