Remapping FAQ

Here are some common questions we’re asked about our remapping services: if yours isn’t answered please call and we’d be delighted to help.

Will you have to dismantle anything?

No: ECU remapping is non-invasive so we don’t have to take your engine apart. It’s totally electronic in that we ‘plug in’ our specialist remapping equipment into your engine’s ECU and alter the existing settings.

So what exactly is involved in a remapping?

Your ECU’s current settings - in the form of software - are replaced by our new settings based on your requirements (performance or economy specific). Effectively we overwrite existing software with new.

These new settings give your ECU fresh instructions as to how to ‘run’ your vehicle’s engine to bring about the improvements as described above.

What if I want to revert back to the factory original settings?

No problem: we keep the original settings on secure hard storage in the same way you save important documents on your computer or back up your smartphone. We use these to return your ECU to original factory settings as and when you ask us.

Should I inform my insurance company if I have a remap?

Yes you should advise them of changes such as this.

Can the main dealer for my make of vehicle detect if I’ve had a remap done?

Usually no but if you’re concerned you can revert back to factory settings as described above.

Bear in mind though that we can undertake servicing to main dealer standards so there’s no need to revert your remap to the original when booking a service with us.

What happens if my car requires a main dealer software update?

Manufacturers sometimes issue updates to certain models: should this happen to you their new software will overwrite our remapping software similar to when you update the operating system software on your computer or smartphone.

It’s easy enough for us to re-install the remap for you. Hopefully we can do this ‘in situ’ but if we have to remove your vehicle’s ECU we’ll advise first.

Why don’t manufacturers map the ECU like you do in the first place?

As explained above, manufacturers have to set the ECU for each model in a ‘one size fits all’ way to cover all manner of different driving styles, usage environments and a range of climatic conditions.

This generalist approach can be vastly improved on with a specialist remap based on your specific requirements.

I’ve only got a little runabout: is remapping worthwhile?

Certainly! It’s not just about more power for the sake of it: as said earlier a remap can revolutionise your car’s drivability through improving aspects such as throttle response and increasing low down torque so you have more ‘oomph’ when needed such as for getting out of tight spots.

Don’t forget the possible fuel economy improvements: even if your car is designed to prioritise fuel economy - for example a small city car - there’s a good chance our economy remap will improve this further.

I own a prestige car: can I have confidence in your remapping services?

Definitely. We have several years’ experience in remapping a wide range of cars including prestige makes such as BMW and Mercedes and use the very latest state of the art remapping equipment from industry leaders including Alientech and Autotune.

Talk to us and we’d be happy to show you examples of work we’ve completed for many delighted owners of prestige cars.

Can remapping put my engine under damaging stress?

We’re responsible remapping experts and always work within the boundaries of what your engine is capable of: we would never exceed its power limits or risk putting other components under excessive strain.

If upgrading hardware components such as, for example, the turbo charger or exhaust system to cope with extra power is required we’d always advise you when discussing your remapping requirements.

We’ve remapped vehicles of all ages and types and are fully aware of safe limitations.

Does your remapping carry a warranty?

Yes, we provide a full lifetime warranty on the software covering malfunctions and corruptions.

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