Different types of remapping we offer

You tell us what your priorities are and we can provide an ECU remapping to suit:

Performance remap

If you specify improved performance, then you’ll find our performance remap isn’t just simply giving you more power in BHP but improving the overall drivability of your vehicle through the following:

  • Sharper throttle response
  • Improved pulling power through increased torque
  • Smoother power delivery through ironing out any acceleration ‘flat spots’
  • Possible fuel economy boost

More power can actually improve safety in that you’ll have more ‘instant power’ and acceleration to get out of the occasional tight spot, and be able to take advantage of gaps in traffic when turning out of junctions and so on.

A by-product of improved performance is often better fuel economy in that you’ll often be using less throttle than previously.

Economy remap

If your priority is fuel economy improvements, we could help you reduce consumption by up to 20% - a worthwhile saving over time at current and likely future pump prices.

Along with improved fuel savings, you’ll benefit from the following with our economy remap:

  • Increased engine power and torque
  • Improved drivability - for example, no acceleration ‘flat spots’
  • Reduced CO2 emissions

Gearbox tune

As with the limitations of factory ECU settings, so the standard gearbox settings such as shift points for auto or semi auto boxes may not suit your requirements.

Talk to us about the possibilities open to you with our gearbox tuning service. You may be able to benefit from the following:

Faster shift changes - possibly up to 70% quicker
Smoother gear changes
Improved shift paddle response (where fitted)
Adjusted shift points to more appropriately meet your needs

You could book a gearbox tune on its own or in conjunction with an ECU remap.

3 levels of remapping

Depending on your requirements we offer three levels of remapping - talk to us to discuss which one is appropriate for your needs:

Stage 1 - for standard spec unmodified vehicles a stage 1 remap generally improves power and torque with a likely benefit in fuel economy as you’ll probably be using lighter throttle openings.

You’ll also notice smoother acceleration with no flat spots.

Stage 2 - if your priority is more power than stage 1 remapping provides, then stage 2 is the option to choose.

It’s possible you may require some hardware changes such as, for example, an upgraded exhaust to support the extra power generated by this ECU remap, and fuel economy improvements may be less pronounced than in a stage 1 remap.

Stage 3 - taking power output a level further on, in a stage 3 remap it’s highly likely you’ll require hardware upgrades to support your engine’s extra power.


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Performance Gains

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