Our full remapping procedure

We undertake a multi-step approach to ensure your remap does exactly what you want of it:

1 Preparation - we undertake a full check of key components and run a diagnostic check to ensure your vehicle is in optimum condition for a remap.

2 Back up your existing ECU software - we’ll make a full back up of your vehicle’s existing ECU software and store it securely so we can easily restore your engine to its pre-remap state should this be required.

3 Remapping process - using our sophisticated remapping tech we analyse data from your engine’s ECU, then in line with the type of remap you’ve specified we basically create new software (or ‘map’) to bring about the desired changes in performance in terms of power, torque, acceleration and fuel economy.

4 Upload new software (the ‘map’) - install the new software to your engine’s ECU.

5 Diagnostic and road test check - we road test (or if the remap is undertaken at our premises we can use our rolling road system) to ensure your new remap is performing as you’d expect.

Once we’re satisfied the remap has gone exactly as planned, we hand you your keys so you can enjoy the transformation in your vehicle’s performance and drivability.

Performance Gains

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