Diesel Engine Solutions

Due to the increased levels of environmental legislation covering diesel engine emissions, manufacturers have been forced to reduce particulate emissions to comply with legislation.

The situation: this has meant the fitting of extra hardware in the form of filters and valves to diesel engined vehicles, and the use of substances such as AdBlue® injected into the exhaust system to reduce particulate and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

The problem: these filters, valves and injectors are prone to clogging and eventually losing effectiveness with the result that engine performance can suffer as these components deteriorate.

The solution: we offer specialist cleaning services to help you avoid expensive replacement of these components.

DPF (diesel particulate filter)

The DPF is designed to prevent emissions of diesel particulates but there is a problem: the filter works best when operating for longer periods at its optimum temperature - so ideally in a vehicle covering longer journeys.

In diesel engines used for shorter trips with lots of stop and start driving, the filter isn’t working at optimum engine temperature for long enough so can’t properly ‘self clean’ with the result it can become clogged with soot.

You’ll notice a drop off in performance and eventually a DPF warning light will illuminate on the dashboard meaning your DPF needs urgent attention.

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

An EGR system is designed to reduce the level of diesel pollutants such as nitrogen oxide (NOx) from reaching the outside so as to meet diesel emission demands.

Less NOx is produced at lower combustion temperatures, so the EGR recirculates exhaust gas to be re-used in combustion so effectively reducing the temperature of the exhaust gasses and thus NOx emissions.

The valve in an EGR system can become clogged with soot after a while to the point where it ceases opening and closing effectively so impairing engine performance leading to possible damage.


Your diesel vehicle may use AdBlue® - a liquid stored in a separate tank and injected into the exhaust system that reacts with the NOx (nitrous oxide) to reduce the amount of emissions reaching the outside.

After a while the AdBlue® injector can become clogged so reducing its effectiveness.

Our solutions

Replacement of a DPF, EGR valve or AdBlue® injector is expensive - a DPF can run into four figures for example - but we can help at a far lower cost through cleaning.

We deploy a specific procedure that efficiently cleans your DPF, EGR valve or AdBlue® injector in an environmentally friendly way so your engine is soon back performing as it should.

We also offer carbon cleaning of the EGR valve and DPF as part of an overall service (see below).

Carbon cleaning

An inevitable consequence of the combustion process in an engine is the build up of carbon deposits on certain components that, if left unchecked, can eventually affect the performance and fuel economy of your engine.

We offer a comprehensive carbon clean that effectively de-carbonises those parts of your engine prone to carbon build up:

Spark plugs - clean plugs help ensure reliable combustion
Catalytic converter - removing carbon helps extend the life of what is an expensive to replace component
DPF (diesel particulate filter) - prone to sooty carbon build ups, a clogged DPF can impair engine performance and is expensive to replace
EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) - the valve in an EGR system can stop working when deposits build up thus affecting engine performance
Oxygen sensors - it’s important they keep working to ensure good engine performance: they’re expensive to replace if they become too clogged, and malfunction can lead to other expensive engine component failure

How we do it

Carbon cleaning doesn’t mean we have to take your engine apart to get at the various components: our advanced carbon cleaning equipment circulates a specialist cleaning solution round your engine to decarbonise those key components.

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